1. Complete the sentences using one of the following words. Use a/an where necessary.

biscuit, coat, key, music, letter, sugar, moment, question, blood, electricity

1. Listen! Can you hear music?W

2. I couldn’t get into the house because I didn’t have key?

3. It’s very warm today .Why are you wearing coat?

4.Do you take sugur in your coffee?

5. Are you hungry? Would you like  biscuit with your coffee?

6. I didn’t phone them.I wrote letter instead.

7.Excuse me, but can I ask you  question?

8. I’m not ready yet. Can you wait moment,please?

9.Our lives would be very difficult without electricity

10.The heart pumps blood through the body.

2.Who were the people?

1.Beethoven? He was a composer.

2.Shakespeare?He was an English poet

3.Albert Einstein?He was a German-born theoretical physicist

4.Washington? Lincoln? John Kennedy?They were a presidents of U.S

5.Marilyn Monroe? She was an American actress

6.Elvis Presley? John Lennon? They were a English singers

7.Van Gogh? Renoir? Gauguin?…They were a painters